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Healthy Workout Routine through Johns Creek Kickboxing

Looking for a good workout routine in the Johns Creek GA area? If you are like most people in Johns Creek then you want to find a workout that will get you in shape, tone and strengthen muscles, and help you loose shape.  The question that a lot of people in Johns Creek have is whether to lift weights or do cardio workout.  Well the answer truly is to do both, and one of the Fitness Instructors at serving Johns Creek fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike wrote a great article to help us all know the right way to workout!

"When beginning a new fitness program, or just checking progress in your current one, an important factor to consider is how often each week you should work out.  The number of workout sessions you can complete each week depends on a few different factors.  These include your fitness goals, the type of workout you are doing, and how much time you have set aside in your schedule to exercise.  
There are two types of exercise – weight training and cardio.  Weight training focuses on developing certain muscle groups using resistance or weights, and can be done two to three times per week.  Resistance training should not be done more than two days in a row. Muscles require a recovery period to repair after resistance training.  Cardio works on raising your heart rate, and is great for reducing fat.  Cardio workouts can be done three to five times per week.

So, what are your goals? Losing fat? Then cardio exercise is the way to go. Building muscle? Then weight or resistance training should be your focus.  Resistance training includes pushups, squats, triceps dips. How much time each week do you have in your schedule to set aside for improving your overall health and fitness?
A general rule of thumb is to work your entire body at least three times per week.  This can be accomplished in a split schedule that alternates weight training and cardio, allowing for one day of rest. But most of us don’t have six days each week we can devote 45 minutes to an hour at the gym or running.  Many people say that time is the biggest obstacle in achieving their fitness goals.  

Kickboxing is a fantastic way to combine both resistance and cardio training.  It is not traditional weight training and it is far more than running on a treadmill. Resistance training is found in all the pushups, lunges, leg lifts, punches, and kicks done in each class.  Although a kickboxing class may emphasize a particular muscle group, it is definitely an overall body workout.  The cardio in kickboxing comes when working the larger muscle groups and is part of the whole 45 minute workout.  Kickboxing is a great way to accomplish your total body workout three times per week.

Don’t forget how important stretching is! Stretching can be done every day. The best time to stretch is right after a cardio workout. It’s also important to remain active on the days you are not working out. Don’t diminish the benefits of a walk at lunch, or taking the dog for a walk, or playing with the kids.

When making decisions about an overall fitness plan for yourself, consider your goals and how much time you are willing to make in your schedule each week. Find a place where you enjoy the people and atmosphere, and find someone who will encourage you along the way to a more healthy you. Then do it!"

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