Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Making the Turn with Fitness Kickboxing Classes

Making the Turn
by Sarah

There are many “turns” to be made in life.  Life turns can be made anywhere from careers and family to physical and mental health.  For this particular health-conscious audience (I assume if you are reading this, you care about some aspect of your health), you may have recently made the turn to improve your fitness, drop some pounds, shrink the waistline or simply start an exercise routine.

I want to devote some time to a specific turn, a very important one in kickboxing – the turn or pivot of the foot when kicking and punching.  This quick little added motion will not only keep you balanced, but allow you to land those punches and kicks even harder.  In addition, the more action that foot gets, the more action the leg attached to it gets burning more calories and strengthening the leg!

The roundhouse kick is one of the most commonly used kicks in the sport.  To throw an effective roundhouse kick from the back leg you must start by pivoting your front foot.  For example, if you’re kicking a right roundhouse, you should first turn your left foot perpendicular to your target, inside of the foot facing it, before lifting that right leg to land the roundhouse.  To kick with your front leg, do the same thing except pivot with your back foot perpendicular to the target and kick with your front leg.

Making this crucial turn will also help you land perfect sidekicks and cross punches.  For a right sidekick, pivot your left foot first perpendicular to the target, raise your knee and extend your right leg straight while locking your hips exerting the power through your heel.  If you happen to forget to turn your foot, you may likely fall over or possibly lock your knee out.

The “knock-out” punch is usually your cross.  After you’ve jabbed your opponent/target several times, this “surprise” punch comes from the back arm.  To pack the most power, you must pivot that back foot while turning your hips at the same time to hit your target.  

Last, but certainly not least, we should mention the hook punch.  Stand with the left foot forward in fighting stance and pivot on the ball of your left foot as you punch with your left arm from left to right, elbow up.  Making this turn of the foot will provide the power needed to land the most effective hook.

Whether, you’re in your next kickboxing class or about to side-kick someone to the gut, don’t forget to make the turn.  In other words, stop standing still and start turning!

Written by:

Instructor, Johns Creek Fitness Kickboxing
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