Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Choe's HapKiDo Junior Instructor Public Safety Speech - Karate Classes in Cumming GA 30041

Here is a speech given by a 9 year old boy named Christian. Christian is a Junior Instructor, a leader at the Kids Martial Arts School in Cumming GA. He gave this speech to peers at a Choe's HapKiDo Karate Belt Test about the importance of kid's safety. Part of being a Junior Instructor is learning to be more confident and being able to speak in front of an audience! 

"Hello my name is Christian.

Today I would like talk about safety in public places like while you are at the mall, in the park or at a ball game. The number one rule is always do what your parents tell you to do. I am sure if your parents are like mine they will tell you to "stay close by them." So you should never wander away or be too far out of your parents sight. If you stay close no one will ever be able to take you. If for any reason you lose your parents in a crowded place try to stay calm and go find a store manager or a police officer who can help you.

Second rule "Don't talk to strangers." If anyone comes up to you to talk and your parents are not around politely walk away and find you parents. If you are outside playing and a stranger drives up asking for directions never go up to the car. Go find your parents and tell them so if the person wanting directions is really in need of help your parents will be able to help.

Finally another public place I would like to mention is your computer. Any stranger can pretend to be a friend from school or act like a child. Since you may not know who that person is you should never give out your information about your home or birthday or anything too personal.

So always be very careful in any public place.

Thank you for your attention."

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