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The Importance of wrapping your hands when kickboxing

One of the most important precautions you should take when learning or competing in boxing, MMA or a class format kickboxing is wrapping your hands properly. Hand wraps help absorb some of the shock brought about by throwing and landing punches, and keeps that shock from injuring your wrists.
The wraps also help protect the top of your hands and your knuckles.

Most trainers will agree that it is important to protect your hands from breaking or twisting your wrists when boxing so wrapping them is a must.  The wrapping of your hands will also keep your knuckles and bones behind them from bowing and braking.  The hands are made up of many small joints and small bones that could easily fracture from the impact of repeated punches.  They may also give you the confidence to throw more power into your punches. 

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Handwraps are there to hold your hand together providing support for your wrists, fingers, knuckles, and to prevent injury This ensures even distribution of impact while punching. Without the wraps to secure the loose joints and moveable bones, a boxer could sustain a debilitating injury such as broken fingers and shattered knuckles. By using the appropriate method for wrapping your hands, you can make sure your boxing skills remain sharp for years to come.

There are a couple of different ways to wrap your hands but I find the most comfortable to be wrapping between the fingers.  This provides extra support to the knuckles, while keeping them separated. After securing the thumb, bring the wrap up and in-between your pinky and ring finger. Loop the wrap back around and between each of your fingers before completing at the wrist.

Your hands should feel comfortable. Do not wrap so tightly that you cut off circulation. Additionally, everyone has different hands so your individual method may vary.  People who have had previous thumb injuries may want to wrap around the thumb twice. Keep practicing until you are comfortable with them.

Be sure to choose the right types of wraps for your hands, as they come in different sizes ranging from about 108 inches to 210 inches in length. Generally, smaller hands do better with shorter wraps while larger hands benefit from longer wraps. Your wraps will build up sweat easily, so make sure to wash them on a regular basis. Throw them into a mesh bag to prevent them from tangling inside the washing machine.

Above all enjoy your boxing experience whether it be as a professional fighter or for recreation and stress relief.  At the end of the day it will be a personal preference whether you wrap your hands or not.  Preventing an injury is much better than going through surgery and long hours of physical therapy.  
A final thought, handwraps will stop your boxing gloves from absorbing sweat and therefore will make wearing them a more pleasant and less smelly experience!

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