Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The importance of Gratitude, inside the Martial Arts School and Everywhere! Choe's HapKiDo Karate in Cumming GA

This month at our Martial Arts Belt Test in Big Greek Georgia we had a Junior Martial Arts Instructor give a speech to the other kids karate students about the importance of gratitude.  She did a fantastic job talking about the many things we have to be grateful for inside the Martial Arts School, at home and within ourselves.  We are very proud of this future HapKiDo Karate Black Belt, she is truly living up to the Martial Arts way of life. 

Gratitude speech
Hi! My name is Neha! I am a junior instructor here at Choe’s HapKiDo! Today, I would like to talk about gratitude. Gratitude means to be thankful for something, showing your love or thankfulness towards someone! There are so many ways to be thankful in this world!
Here in the Dojang, you can be thankful for your instructor for teaching you new things every day, your friends for being with you and helping you through hard times, and your parents for driving you and supporting you as you come to class!
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At school, you can be grateful for all your teachers for helping you learn and be the best as possible and your buddies for helping you as you work harder and harder!
Finally, at home you can be grateful for your parents giving you shelter, clothing and other things to make your home be a better place, your siblings for playing with you and making you laugh! But most of all, be thankful for yourself, you always give 100% in what you do and never give up!
I’m sure there are so many other great things in this world you can be thankful for in your own way!

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