Thursday, August 8, 2013

Martial Arts Classes in Suwanee teach the importance of Community Service

Here is a speech given by one of our Junior Instructors. Mr Aiden is a Junior Instructor, a leader at the Kids Martial Arts School in Cumming GA. This speech is about the importance of community service, and the personal benefits of helping others.  He gave the speech at a Choe's HapKiDo Karate Belt Test held at our Cumming Karate School. Part of being a Junior Instructor is learning to be more confident and being able to speak in front of an audience, and Liam did an awesome job with his speech :)

By: Aiden

Johns Creek Martial Arts
            "Today I want to talk to you about community service and its benefits.  I’ve done community service with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  Our troop cleaned up a river, sold pine straw, and put down mulch and sod at a local church.  Because of this service, the church grounds look nicer and kids have a softer surface to play on.  My neighbors good a good price on pine straw and made our neighborhood look better.  The river is cleaner for fish and wildlife and for people to enjoy.
            Another very special kind of community service is to become a foster family.  My family is applying to be a foster family.  You have to be patient because it takes several months.  My parents had to take some special classes and we all have to answer questions and have our house inspected for safety.  We hope to give a home to a girl who needs a safe place to live.  I think having another sister in the house would be pretty nice.
            I encourage others to volunteer in their community.  You can volunteer at animal shelters giving the animals food and water or walking the dogs.  You could serve meals at homeless shelters.  Visit with the elderly in nursing homes.  You can donate clothes and toys to people who need them.  You can also pick up garbage in your neighborhood or local park.
            You will feel good and help others while you are doing it."

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