Friday, August 30, 2013

Karate Classes in Cumming GA teach the importance of Quality Friendships

Martial Arts Junior Instructor gives a speech about Home Alone Safety

Below is a speech given by one of our awesome Junior Instructors. Miss Paige is a Junior Instructor, a young leader at the Kids Martial Arts School in Cumming GA. In an effort to become future leaders the Junior Instructors prepare and give speeches to educate the other kids karate students.  Paige gave a speech about the importance of friendship.





"Today I would like to talk to you about friendship. Our HapKiDo definition of friendship is one attached to another by affection.

What that means is that you care about each other.  You would not want anything to ever happen to them. If you get in a fight with your friend does that mean you or your friend do not care about each other anymore? No, it just means that you and your friend do not agree on something.

If you and your friend do not agree on something, try to compromise and meet in the middle. For example, if you want to play tag and your friend wants to play soccer. What would you do? You could either play tag for 10 minutes and soccer for 10 minutes, or you come up with a new game that combines both games. For instance, you could play ball tag but you cannot use your hands.

See friendship is all about compromise. Work hard to be a good friend."

Awesome job Paige!!!

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