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Johns Creek Karate Teaches Respect - Choe's HapKiDo Karate Suwanee

Martial Arts Teacher Respect: Code of Conduct Tips

When you are just starting to learn martial arts in Suwanee GA the formality and bowing might be a bit difficult to get accustomed to, but learning about the reasons may help it make more sense. Most of the martial arts, such as Karate or HapKiDo, originated in the east and are therefore riddled with eastern culture of respect. Once you have been training in martial arts for a period of time these actions may become second nature and the respect for the master and your peers will increase accordingly. For the beginning though, especially in kids Karate, it is important just to follow along. Here are a few tips on the key areas to help you understand the reasons behind the formal respect in Karate and other martial arts.

Addressing the Karate Instructor Correctly

One of the first things that you will learn is how to address your teacher or Instructor correctly, which is all about making sure that you respect the amount of work that they have put into becoming as good as they are to teach you. On the mats it is important to only refer to them as Instructor, Sir or Ma'am out of respect and to show them that you accept them as your teacher. They are not your peers on the mat, and showing them this respect will help you to gain theirs as well.

Showing Respect

The respect you learn in Karate shouldn’t stop with your speech, and demonstrating respect when you are practicing martial arts with your body language and physical interactions is the next step. It is important that you keep the time on the mat reserved for training and refrain from physically engaging with your Instructor outside of demonstrations. A pat on the back is fine off the mat, but once on the mat you are encouraged to stand up straight and be attentive so that you can learn and show respect while training martial arts. Pay attention when your Karate Instructor is demonstrating a new technique. Overall you are there to learn from your Instructors and showing respect in the way you hold yourself and how much attention you give them will go a long way.

Entering and leaving a class

For overall respect of your Instructor’s time in Karate or any other martial arts training, it is important to arrive on time or even early for your class. Learning this as children in Kids Karate, is a great way to foster the respect of other people’s time. Make sure that you bow to your Instructor whenever they enter the mat and try to stay for the whole Karate class; if at all possible.

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