Thursday, June 27, 2013

Martial Arts Junior Instructor gives a speech about Home Alone Safety

Below is a speech given by one of our awesome Junior Instructors. Mr James is a Junior Instructor, a young leader at the Kids Martial Arts School in Cumming GA. This young man prepared then gave this speech about how to stay safe when home alone to his peers at a Choe's HapKiDo Karate Belt Test held at our Suwanee Karate School. Part of being a Junior Instructor is learning to be more confident and being able to speak in front of an audience, and James demonstrated excellent confidence and maturity :)

Home Alone Safety



"Today I am going to talk to you about how to be safe when you're home alone.  I am going to tell you 3 ways to be safe.  Those ways are keeping your door locked and don't answer it, do not answer the phone, and have an emergency phone number to call if something goes wrong.  These ways are very important to being safe at home alone.

The first way I mentioned was to keep your door locked and do not answer it.  this is a big part of keeping yourself safe because some crazy guy could see that an adult didn't answer the door but you did and he could be big trouble.  Another reason is that if this guy sees you and you walk away; he would know that you're scared and if you didn't have your doors locked he could just walk right in and he would know you were alone because most time times you'll answer it and not lock it back.

My second way to keep yourself safe is to not answer the phone.  If you do pick up the phone and it is someone you don't know and they ask if your parents are home, if you say no then they know they can come to your house.  The way to stay safe is just to say your parents are unable to come to the phone right now.  But the best way to avoid this is to not answer the phone in the first place.

My last way to keep safe is to have an emergency phone in case an emergency happens.  If an emergency arises you will need some one to contact.  Like if there is a fire, of course I hope that never happens, but if it does could you imagine running through a flaming house looking for a phone, it might end badly.  So, just remember to keep a phone and a phone number with you so you can get some help.

These ways to keep you safe will help a lot if you're home alone.  The tips can help protect you from getting harmed.  Just to remind you if you forgot, they are keeping your door locked and don't answser it, do not answer the phone, and have an emergancey phone number to call if something goes wrong.  I hope these tips will help keep you safe when you're home alone."

Awesome job James!!!

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