Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Martial Arts Cumming GA - Choe's HapKiDo Karate 30041 Junior Instructor Speech

Below is a speech given by one of our awesome Junior Instructors and Martial Arts Black Belt.  Tyhelps teach Martial Arts Classes in Cumming GA, and is a young leader at the Kids Martial Arts School. This young man prepared then gave this speech about giving 100% effort all the time to his peers at a Choe's HapKiDo Karate Belt Test held at our Suwanee Karate School. Part of being a Junior Instructor is learning to be more confident and being able to speak in front of an audience, and Ty demonstrated excellent confidence and effort in his awesome martial arts speech.

"Hello my name is Ty Overholt.

I am a 1st degree Black Belt.

Imagine feeling trapped in an unsatisfying existence.  Wasting time doing things you really don't want to do.  Being afraid to express your uniqueness.  Maybe your life was just like mine was.

I started Hapkido 3 1/2yrs ago.  I have learned respect, perseverance, and how to be unique.  Instructor LoPresti has taught me how to change my life by teaching me that it is important to try my best in everything I do.  These are the traits of a black belt and once I learned them they changed my life.

I am a better brother, student and person as a result of learning this one very important trait.

Try your best every single time -

It is important.  It shows respect for my senior Instructor - Instructor LoPresti. Trying my best helps my Dojang be a better Dojang.  I try my best because trying my best pays respect to Grandmaster Choe.

I want my Dojang to be the best and I want to be a role model to the lower belts who are watching everything I do.  Trying my best has changed my life because it has made me a better student both in the Dojang and at regular school.  Here it has made its way into everything I do. Because I have learned this --  I have been successful faster in other areas of my life.  My kicks are faster, my moves better.  I have also become better conditioned and I am able to run farther and faster then I could when I first started Hapkido.

Trying my best I have started to discover who I truly am as a person.  This is the path to a extraordinary life.  I love doing Hapkido and doing Hapkido makes me feel alive.  When I am doing 20 pushups and I am only on number 15 and think I can't do anymore.  Do I quit?  No I keep going and guess what?  I do the 20.  The feeling I get when I complete the 20 is awesome.

I achieve goals I have set thru hard work and perseverance. I have learned that as long as I try 100% in everything I do I can achieve anything in my life that I want to do.

My Life truly has no limits.

For teaching me that I thank my Instructor - Instructor LoPresti

Junior Instructor Ty
Choe's HapKiDo Karate of Cumming
3020 Old Atlanta Rd
Cumming, GA 30041
(678) 513-5436

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